Spencer Real Estate Group offers additional estate and downsizing solutions on top of our proven listing package. We know it can be overwhelming to sell, but with our unique team structure and years of experience, we can help make it a seamless, turn-key process. Our Service Beyond the Sale program can save you time, money, and frustration.

Estate Help When You Need It Most

We Coordinate Logistics

It can feel daunting thinking about all the tasks that need to be done before selling. Let us take that burden away by coordinating everything on your behalf–from home repairs, cleaning, estate sales, packing, junk removal, and more.

Little to No Upfront Costs

We can also help take away some of the financial worries for these services. Many of our trusted vendors can wait to collect payment at closing from the sale proceeds – saving you from having to pay these costs upfront!

Expert Advice & Guidance

We can give you advice on what projects you should do and what you can skip. The first step is to contact us so that we can strategically plan the best time to sell and ways to maximize your dollar.

Holding Hand and Packing Boxes

Our Trusted Vendor Network

Estate Liquidation Sales & Donations

It can be an emotional process going through personal items of an estate. Our trusted partners can help you decide what to keep, what to sell, and what to donate. They will also help you with the sale of items, as well as any donation drop offs and junk removal needed.

Professional House Cleaning

You'll want your home to be sparkling clean before listing it on the market and showing it to potential buyers! If you’re feeling frazzled at the thought of deep cleaning your home, we know great people who can help get the job done for you - allowing you to focus on other things.

Packing, Moving & Storage

Packing can be very time-consuming and moving personal items from one home to the other is hard work. If you need help in this area, we have great moving partners who can help you with any of your moving, storage, packing (and unpacking!) needs.

Small Maintenance & Repairs

Do you have a few home projects that you want knocked out before selling? Every home has it’s tiny quirks, like that door that doesn’t close all the way or that damaged baseboard trim. But a local handyman can inspect your home and get many of these small projects fixed in just a few hours!

Exterior Cleaning & Landscaping

Your exterior is the first thing buyers see so you want to make it inviting! We have many professionals that can help with things like mowing, pruning, weeding, gutter cleaning, house washing, window washing, and more!

Extended Network

If you're currently looking for other services, like Estate Planners or Financial Advisors. Just Ask! We have connections with many local professionals in different industries and would be happy to make an introduction for you.

Who Can Benefit The Most

Folks Downsizing for Retirement

Those considering downsizing often move out of homes they have been living in for many years. Sometimes it can feel impossible when thinking about everything that needs to be done and it’s hard to know where to even begin.

Seniors Transitioning Into Care

Supporting a senior family member during the transition into care can be challenging, both emotionally and physically. This sensitive process often demands a significant amount of time and energy, which can be hard to come by in our hectic lives.

Those Handling Probate & Estate Sales

Some individuals may find themselves in the challenging position of having to oversee the sale of a deceased family member’s estate. This task can be even more overwhelming when they are not living in the same area, making it even harder to handle all the necessary arrangements.

Senior Couple Smiling

Where to Start

Downsizing Meeting

Initial Meeting & Valuation

The first step is to meet with Spencer Real Estate Group!  During the meeting we will:

  • Tour your home and provide you with a current valuation.
  • Discuss your timeline and when you want to sell.
  • Talk about what areas you need help with to feel more prepared.
  • Offer guidance on projects you can do and what you can skip.

Getting Ready to sell

Based on your needs that we discussed in the initial meeting, we’ll begin coordinating any services you requested to help you get your home in top shape before listing it on the market.

  • We’ll request quotes for services from our trusted vendor network.
  • Once you review and approve the quotes, we’ll schedule and manage each project to make sure they stay on track with your timeline.
  • When the service is done, we’ll hold on to any invoices that can be paid at closing. Many of our vendors won’t require upfront payments!
  • During this time, you will also receive free home staging services. Our professional stager will visit your home and share her expert tips on enhancing the look and feel to attract more buyers.
House for Sale

Free Added Service

Our goal is to make your life and the listing process a breeze. We know everyone has different needs, so we’re giving you the power to choose an additional free home service to be bundled with your listing package! Choose between:

  • Free Home Cleaning
  • 3 Hours of Free Handyman Work
  • $500 Credit Towards Moving & Storage Services
Home Selling

Ready for the Market

Once your home is ready to sell, we’ll begin the process of listing it on the market. Learn more about selling a home with Spencer Real Estate Group and our premier listing package!

Let's Talk About It!

It’s never too early to get the conversation started. We’d love to meet you, see your home, and learn more about your needs. Or feel free to reach out with any questions you have!

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