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New! Fox Knoll Subdivision

Brought to you by Spencer Real Estate Group and Hawthorn & Stone Development


Find your perfect suburban retreat when you make Fox Knoll subdivision your home. Positioned in one of Madison’s most sought-after locations, Fox Knoll is a 74 lot, single-family development on the quiet western edge of the City of Madison and within the Middleton Cross Plains Area School District. Located off Old Sauk Road at Pioneer Road, this beautiful new community is walking distance to Pope Farm Conservancy and Pioneer Park. 

The 36 lots of Phase 1 range in size from .22 to .36 acres with a gently sloping terrain to the west. Developer to provide a $7,500 incentive for homes built with an alternative energy system. Bring your own builder, or we can help guide you through the entire home building process.

Outlot Outlot Outlot LOT 60.26 acres $203K LOT 70.26 acres $204K LOT 80.26 acres $210K LOT 90.26 acres $210K LOT 100.26 acres $205K LOT 110.23 acres $205K LOT 120.23 acres PENDING LOT 130.23 acres PENDING LOT 140.23 acres $200K LOT 150.23 acres $200K LOT 160.23 acres $200K LOT 250.21 acres $205K LOT 260.21 acres $200K LOT 350.29 acres $215K LOT 360.32 acres PENDING LOT 370.36 acres $220K LOT 380.23 acres $210K LOT 390.21 acres $208K LOT 400.21 acres PENDING LOT 410.21 acres $208K LOT 420.24 acres $210K LOT 430.29 acres $210K LOT 440.37 acres $210K LOT 450.30 acres $205K LOT 460.28 acres $200K LOT 470.28 acres $200K LOT 480.29 acres $200K LOT 490.29 acres PENDING LOT 500.23 acres $208K LOT 510.25 acres $200K LOT 520.31 acres $205K LOT 530.27 acres PENDING LOT 540.32 acres $210K LOT 550.22 acres $205K LOT 560.24 acres $210K LOT 570.25 acres $210K LOT 580.23 acres $205K LOT 590.23 acres $205K LOT 600.23 acres $200K LOT 610.23 acres $200K LOT 620.26 acres $200K LOT 630.26 acres $205K LOT 640.23 acres PENDING LOT 650.23 acres $205K LOT 660.23 acres PENDING LOT 670.23 acres PENDING LOT 680.25 acres $210K LOT 690.27 acres $210K LOT 700.27 acres $210K LOT 710.30 acres $210K HEARTH STONE DR OLD SAUK ROAD OLD SAUK ROAD Available Reserved FOX KNOLL DR FOX KNOLL DR WINDY WILLOW RD WINDY WILLOW RD STONE BORDER WAY CLEAR POND WAY CLEAR POND WAY PIONEER RD PIONEER RD TAWNY ELM PARKWAY TAWNY ELM PARKWAY RUSTIC RISE WAY RUSTIC RISE WAY N

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